Quick Payday

Quick payday advance loans do not require any documentation or faxes for approval. The service fee for quick payday loans is one of the least in the industry. A quick payday advance loan of $255 has a service fee of only $45. Also there are no hidden fees.


The providers of quick payday advance loans make the cash advance experience as fast and comfortable as possible. Initially, the borrower has to initialize the process by offering some basic information about him. There is generally a 95 percent approval rate for the quick payday advance loans. Those who have any queries or questions regarding the quick payday advance loans should feel free to contact the lender by phone or e-mail. The time required to set up an account is 24 hours or less. When the lender has all the information about the borrower, the lenders notifies him in a time span of 24 hours. If the information is received in the business hours, it is possible to notify in a span of hours. Usually, the cut-off time for quick payday advance requests is fixed, say 3 pm. Thus, all the requests that are received on a business day till this time are processed overnight. The money is in the account of the borrower on the morning of the next business day. There are several people who have a query whether they can get $200 as the quick payday advance. The answer is that those who have completed two transactions with the lender and are established clients with good standing are eligible for a quick payday advance loan of $255. For this loan, the payback amount is $300.

Multiple advances

It must be noted that only one quick payday advance can be received at a time. The borrower has to wait till the payback amount clears the account before another request is made for a new quick payday advance. As a thumb rule, the borrower should wait for two business days after the previous payback amount has cleared the account and then make a new request for a quick payday advance.


The initial step for using the service of quick payday advance loans is to become an approved member. For this it is essential to fill in and submit an online application. The no fax applications do not need any documents to be faxed with them. After the lender gets the online application, the lender sends an e-mail as fast as possible to keep the borrower intimated of the approval status. It is understood by the lender that time is of utmost significance and hence everything possible should be done to expedite the procedure. After a borrower becomes an approved member, it becomes possible to demand for the quick payday advance loan right away or save this loan for further emergencies. How quick an individual becomes an approved member depends on how fast he has disclosed the essential information to the lender. It has been proved that the clients can get the quick payday advance from the lender on the very next day of finding these services.